Phoenix KelleyI’m Phoenix, and I am a business whisperer.

In my ten plus years of building and running online and offline businesses, I have kept circling back to a community structure.

I love to create and hold space for growth and learning to occur. My best work happens when you are engaged with your own. I help you see patterns, identify stuckness, and push you forward (as gently or forcefully as necessary) to build on what you know and what you’re learning.

BUSINESS TIME with PHOENIX is my small business support group.

It is hosted on Facebook in a private members-only group, and is a $10 monthly fee to join. We have weekly check-ins and goal setting, and regular workshops and other learning opportunities.

I’m a big believer in doing the work in order to learn it. The workshops and classes that I teach are about one part lecture to two parts doing the work.

Join here by signing up for the LEVEL ONE: STARTER membership at Patreon.