Planning For Sustainable Impact

Planning for Sustainable Impact

We crave beginnings.

The urge to write smooth letters across a thick, blank journal page.

A yearning for a fresh start.

The excitement of a new idea, tumbling into reality as fast as we can give it words.

Freshly baked bread, the first bite of your favorite meal, the first kiss of a new relationship.

Beginnings are full of vibrant possibility and what feels like an endless sea of choices.

Choosing what to do in that beginning moment is powerful.

Like many of us who assign great meaning to the first of a new year, I am eager to make plans and choose the direction of my life and my work in these coming months.

Some begin with intentions, some with resolutions. Some of us begin with a messy wall full of calendar pages and post-it notes. Some of us carefully trace new grids on fresh paper and logically work out how to begin.

One thing I have learned in all the time I’ve spent in planning and hoping and dreaming and doing is that the best of intentions go absolutely nowhere without the willingness to put action to idea.

Impact is greater than intent.

I’ll repeat: we can have the best of intentions, the most perfect, well-thought out plans — but without the willingness to put in the time, energy, and skill to make them happen, it doesn’t fucking matter.

The best kind of plan is clear enough to allow for adjustments when you can tell you aren’t getting where you meant to go; and specific enough to allow you to measure how close you are to the goal, and what you know that you didn’t before.

When you craft a beginning with an understanding of its impact, you’re working with an understanding of the bigger picture.

Seeing the big picture means that you can make plans that include and account for all the variables in your life. When changes happen, especially during chaotic times, it is easier to let go of perfection and make an adjustment if you have that bigger picture in mind.

Nothing derails a new plan more than an unexpected event upending what you carefully crafted, and unless you can build in an understanding that shit is going to happen, you may assume your upended life is the end of the beautiful plan you once had.

I will teach you how to see the bigger picture, how to plan for shit happening, and how to figure out what to do on a weekly and daily basis to move your goals forward.

During our workshop, we’ll use my favorite techniques for zooming out and then zooming back in for some useful, granular planning that cuts through anxiety over getting everything done.

The first 2018 quarterly planning day is the first Saturday in January.

DAY: January 6th, 2018
TIME: 11am PST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT

FORMAT: Facebook Live video inside the BUSINESS TIME Facebook group

How to register:

1. Workshop + BUSINESS TIME monthly group membership: $10 now and $10 each month

Join the BUSINESS TIME group by signing up through Patreon at $10/month, which is billed at the first of each month. You will be invoiced for $10 for January separately, to cover your membership until billing starts on February 1.

The workshop will begin on Saturday the 6th as a Facebook Live video, which you can attend live or view later if you have a conflict in your schedule.

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2. Workshop + complimentary group membership until January 30th: $15 now and no obligation to stay in the group

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The workshop will begin on Saturday the 6th as a Facebook Live video, which you can attend live or view later if you have a conflict in your schedule.

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